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shalome7 11.08.09 - 01:51am
All Christians and even non Christians worldwide are expecting the return of the Saviour.
Those who understand the signs of the times know that HIS return is near.
As one looks at the level of crime and violence, corruption, s*xual immorality, idolatry, vanity, moral degradation, natural and man made disasters, and economic turmoil, throughout the world, *

shalome7 11.08.09 - 02:09am
it does not require Solomonic wisdom to know that the Saviour's return must be near.
Are you prepared?
As one prepares to meet the returning Saviour there is one critical question that should be faced.
This critical question is: What is the Saviour returning for? Your answer to this question could determine whether you live forever or die forever. *

shalome7 11.08.09 - 02:17am
Do you believe that HE is returning for the same body that HE built and gave HIS life for or is HE returning for a different body?
Don't you believe that HE is returning for HIS body, that bears the same identifying Name and practices, the same 12 Fundamental Principles that HE taught HIS apostles?
All but the spiritually blind and stubborn will admit that HE is coming *

shalome7 11.08.09 - 02:22am
back for that which HE built and left.
Don't you think that it is vital to find that same body that bears the same identifying Name and practices the same 12 Fundamental Principles that HE taught HIS disciples?
Confusion reigns in the world today as there are over eleven thousand different religions, over 450 million gods and over *

shalome7 11.08.09 - 02:45am
37 thousand different Christian denominations.
It is very significant that each and every single one has a name.
Every religion, every god and every Christian denomination has a name!
Naturally, to identify and distinguish each from the others.
This should make it clear to each and every person that names are important. *

shalome7 14.08.09 - 04:13pm
Many religions are named after the gods worshipped by their followers.
Hence Buddha for Buddhism, Rastafari for Rastafarians, Christ for Christians.
This is why Micah 4:5 makes it clear that every nation will walk in the name of their god.
Therefore Arabs walk in the name of Allah and Mohammed, Chinese walk in the name of Confucius, *

shalome7 14.08.09 - 04:29pm
the Japanese walk in the name of Buddha and Jamaicans and a few others walk in the name of Jesus Christ.
The incredible but critical thing to remember is that the Saviour was never a part of any of these religions.
It is absolutely sure therefore that HE is not returning for any one of them.
However, the Scripture in 2nd Corinthians 6:17 implores people to *

shalome7 14.08.09 - 04:36pm
'come out' from among them and be separate.
It is obvious that the Saviour will be returning for a people that bears HIS original identifying Name.
The Scripture makes it clear that HIS people must know HIS Name and also be called by HIS Name.
Isayah 52:5-6 indicates that .... ''MY Name continually is blasphemed everyday therefore MY people *

shalome7 14.08.09 - 05:11pm
shall know MY Name.''
In 2nd Chronicles 7:14 HE states that, ''If MY people who are called by MY Name''
These two passages of scripture make it abundantly clear that: (a) HIS people must know HIS Name
(b) HIS people must be called by HIS Name.
All well learned Bible scholars agree that the Name of the *

shalome7 16.08.09 - 03:59pm
Creator is YAHWEH and the Saviour is YAHSHUA HA MASHIACH.
It is irrefutable that the Name of the Creator was removed from the Bible, over 7,200 times and the titles 'Lord' and 'God' inserted in its place.
Every sane person knows that neither the 'Lord' nor 'God' is a name.
(See free publication, Who is the Lord?)
Ignorant or deceptive persons *

shalome7 16.08.09 - 06:50pm
claim that the Creator has more than one Name.
Some say up to 72 Names.
The incredible thing however, is that there in not one single passage of scripture that indicates that HE has more than one Name; but there are 314 passages that prove that HE has only one Name.
Yet deceivers continue to preach that HE has many Names and people continue to believe. *

shalome7 16.08.09 - 10:34pm
Astute Bible scholars also agree that the Saviour's correct Name was removed from the Bible over 330 times.
The Name YAHSHUA HA MASHIACH was replaced by Jesus Christ.
(Do you know of any scripture or principle authorizing this change?)
Have you ever done a study on the origin of the name Jesus Christ?
Do you know why the Saviour's Name was changed *

shalome7 16.08.09 - 11:12pm
to Jesus Christ?
(See the free publication, Why was the Saviour's Name Changed to Jesus Christ?)
All learned pastors know that; *

shalome7 16.08.09 - 11:31pm
* The Saviour was Jewish.
* HE had a Jewish Name throughout HIS entire life on earth.
* It was long after HE went to heaven that HIS Name was changed.
* The Greeks changed (not translate) HIS Name to Iesous Christus who was the son of Zeus.
* The Romans then changed it to Jesus (pro nounced Yesus Christus) from which it became Jesus Christ in English. *

shalome7 17.08.09 - 03:57pm
(For the true meaning of Jesus Christ see - Why Was the Saviour's Name Changed to Jesus Christ?)
In John 5:43 the Saviour stated clearly the HE came in HIS Father's Name.
Everyone knows that a legitimate son bears his father's name.
Since the Name of the Saviour's Father is YAHWEH and YAH is the root of HIS Name, then the Saviour must have *

shalome7 17.08.09 - 06:25pm
YAH in HIS Name.
The Saviour's Name is therefore YAHshua as spoken by the angel in Matthew 1:21 which indicates that HE was given that Name for a specific purpose.
It states that ''HE shall save the people from their sins.'' Hence the Name YAHshua, which means YAHWEH is Salvation.
The Name YAHWEH is supreme and means *

shalome7 17.08.09 - 07:10pm
the One that causes things to come into being.
YAHWEH is the self-existent One that causes all things to exist.
HIS entire family is named after HIM and must bear HIS Name YAHWEH.
By now it should be absolutely clear to all except those in total denial, that since the Creator's Name is YAHWEH and the Saviour's Name is YAHSHUA HA MASHIACH *

shalome7 17.08.09 - 09:00pm
then Their family cannot be called of Muslim, Buddhist, Christian or Rastafarian.
* The Family of the Creator must bear the Family Name of their Father - YAHWEH.
*In establishing the Correct Name of the people that the Saviour is returning for, it is vital to trace the Principle and Pattern from the beginning.
Note the following carefully: *

shalome7 18.08.09 - 12:21am
* The people that serve the Creator have always been a 'called out' people or nation.
* When YAHWEH ELOHIYM was about to set up HIS nation, HE 'called out' Avram (Abram) from Ur of the Chaldees.
* Later HE 'called out' HIS servant Mosheh (Moses) to lead the children of Israel.
* After this HE 'called out' the Children of Israel from the land of Egypt[/i] *

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