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shalome7 5.08.09 - 03:15pm

Which is more important to you, Truth or denominational beliefs?
Does the Creator have a Name? If so, what is it? Are 'The Lord', 'God' or 'The Lord God' names or titles?
Did you know that the name Jehovah was erroneously invented in 1489 by Petrus Galatinus (Confessor to Rose Leo XII)?
Did you know that through superstition, the Name of The Creator was changed *

shalome7 6.08.09 - 03:48pm
over 7200 times from YAHWEH to 'The Lord' and 'God' in the English versions of the Bible?
Did you know that in HIS entire lifetime on earth the Saviour was never once Called Jesus Christ? Not by HIS mother, not by HIS father, not by HIS disciples nor by anyone who ever knew HIM!!!
Do you know the origin of the name 'Jesus Christ' and what it means? *

shalome7 12.08.09 - 04:18pm
Did you know that the word Jesus Christ is derived from the Greek name Iesous Christos who was the son of the chief Greek god, ZEUS?
Did you know that the real meaning of ''JeSus'' is ''Hail ZEUS''
Did you know that Christ comes from the Greek word Christos which came from the Hindu word Crishna, which means sun and is also a Hindu Sun God? *

shalome7 12.08.09 - 04:33pm
Did you know that the true meaning of 'JeSus Christos' is therefore ''Hail ZEUS, the Sun''?
Since the son came in HIS Father's Name, isn't it true that HE must have had HIS Father's Name?
John 5:43
Therefore, how could HIS Father's Name be 'The Lord' or 'God' and HIS Name be 'JeSus'?
Did you know that in the English versions of the Bible, the Saviour's Name was *

shalome7 12.08.09 - 06:01pm
Changed over 330 times from YAHSHUA HA MASHIACH to Jesus Christ?
Did you know therefore, that the One True and Correct Name of the Saviour of the World is YAHSHUA HA MASHIACH? *

shalome7 12.08.09 - 11:35pm
Did you know that hasatan still manages to convince many sincere and intelligent people that they cannot call the Saviour by HIS correct Name because it is Hebrew and they speak English?
How is it they are able to call other Hebrew names such as Abraham, ZechariYah, ObadiYah, Melchizedek and HalleluYah?
Why would hasatan go to such great extent to change the Name of the *

shalome7 12.08.09 - 11:43pm
Isn't it because he knows that salvation is in no other name(s) but the only Heavenly given Name, YAHSHUA HA MASHIACH?
(Acts 4:10-12)
Do you know that the Apostles were never a part of any church, but were instead a part of Qahal YAHWEH, which was first established at Mount Sinai and restored on the ''Day of Pentecost'' in A.M. 31? *

shalome7 13.08.09 - 02:22am
Wouldn't you like to be a part of this same movement that was restored by the Saviour?
Then Contact
Now that you have learned, from henceforth you will be held accountable if you continue to worship and refer to the Creator and HIS Son by the popular pagan names and titles.
Instead, why not now begin to worship in Truth *

shalome7 13.08.09 - 05:13pm
by using the True and Correct Name of the Creator and HIS Son; YAHWEH and YAHSHUA HA MASHIACH respectively. *

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