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shalome7 5.08.09 - 01:53pm

Have you heard of Qahal YAHWEH?
Did you know that the word 'Church' was never once used in the original Scripture?
Did you know that what was restored on the 'Day of Pentecost' was Qahal YAHWEH? Not the Church!
Did you know that the Saviour never built or left anything called Church, Christianity, Islam, Roman Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist, *

shalome7 5.08.09 - 02:01pm

New Testament, Jehovah's Witness, Rastafarian etc.
Did you know that all the Apostles were members of Qahal YAHWEH and that not one was ever a part of any church?
In the original Scripture Ephesians 2:20 states that ''We are built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, YAHSHUA HA MASHIACH being the chief cornerstone''. *

shalome7 5.08.09 - 02:09pm

Did you know that Qahal YAHWEH is the only Nation on earth that follows the same Twelve Foundational Principles as the Apostles?

Now think carefully for yourself! What do you think the Saviour will be returning for? What HE built and left, or a substitute?

Make no mistake, what the Saviour founded and left was Qahal YAHWEH and what HE is therefore *

shalome7 7.08.09 - 04:56pm
returning for, is Qahal YAHWEH.
Which do you prefer to be a part of? Qahal YAHWEH, which is the original? Or The church, which is the substitute? Qahal YAHWEH is the old pathway of the Saviour and HIS followers.
We therefore invite you to choose this same old pathway and walk therein. Walk therein and you will find rest for your soul. SHALOM! *

shalome7 7.08.09 - 04:59pm
For further information Please call: (876) 316-8651 *

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