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Subject: ***WELCOME~*~
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shalome7 26.06.08 - 10:52am
Welcome to ADVENT-ARK! PLEEZ introduce urself. Njoy posting! May AV YAHWEH bless u all!!! *

true 27.06.08 - 05:06pm
Hello! hello.GIF im true, im a daughter of the Most High. *

venecia7 27.06.08 - 07:19pm
welcome.GIF Sis. thank_you.GIF for joining. *

mrsms 27.06.08 - 10:57pm
Greeting to all the saints...Its Sive here aka Sms,am from South Africa am 19 yrs,born-again young man, Sis Venecia is my friend.lol.GIFAnd I love meeting other saints and sharing the WORD OF GOD..Oh! almost forgot..I own 3 christian groups..And am also a moderator to armageddon,reasonforhope and christian lounge. *

venecia7 28.06.08 - 12:17am
hi4.GIF Welcome bro *

ourlady 26.08.08 - 08:44am
Am tina am born of GOD 4rm zambia. Jesus is LORD. *

venecia7 26.08.08 - 01:58pm
hug.GIF WELCOME sis. Thanx 4 joining. *

metet 29.08.08 - 06:58pm
How greatful it is to be sheltered under blood jesus *

metet 29.08.08 - 07:00pm
Hi?. How greatful it is to be sheltered under the blood jesus *

solvent1 31.08.08 - 06:14am
I was asked to join this group.Nobody chats in this group or welcomes a person. Why invite me if the group owner and mods dont even chat? *

venecia7 1.09.08 - 04:02am
Greetings metet and solvent1. Thanx 2 u both 4 joining. Solvent1 instead of criticising and being negative couldn't u have prayed and asked ALMIGHTY YAHWEH 4 understanding? We r in Jamaica and if u had kept abreast with the news u would have heard that a storm/hurricane was heading 4 us. Therefore no1 was able 2 b online due 2 lack of electricity etc. GEEZ! *

solvent1 1.09.08 - 11:17am
I apolagise. I most definately was positive by asking what is going on. *

seribina 2.09.08 - 05:29am
And love and de respect. *

vcj 3.09.08 - 10:09pm
Shalom. Im vernon and I believe in messiah Yahushua. *

venecia7 5.09.08 - 04:17am
Shalom Vernon it's such a pleasure 2 know we r one. *

seribina 11.09.08 - 06:56pm
why yo askd me i must join group dat does not work or teach me. I go *

namasuku 14.10.08 - 12:42pm
Shalom Venica mazal tov yashar Advent Ark haiz lahah todah rabbac nehbi ha Elohim.kol tuv *

venecia7 14.10.08 - 02:14pm
Shalom namasuku. I beg ur pardon? Do u mind writing that in English? Please. *

namasuku 14.10.08 - 05:02pm
Lol i thought you were jewish .ia am sayiing congradulations on your group its different .great job servant of Elohim may he blessy you continue doing good *

venecia7 17.10.08 - 11:19am
O I C. No am not Jewish am Jamaican. Thank u I hope u njoy my topics as I ry 2 edify. May ALMIGHTY YAHWEH b with u. *

a_d_r_i0 15.11.08 - 06:00am
Thanx for invitin me and welcomin *

venecia7 15.11.08 - 06:06am
THANK U 4 joining my dear *

addi_101 15.11.08 - 01:55pm
Oh i'm sooo glad u invite me cause wat i'm a sinner that reli need to change. *

venecia7 15.11.08 - 04:14pm
Hahahaha.... Welcome my brother. We all need 2 change. I sure do hope this group will lead everyone 2 YAHSHUA bcoz HE alone can change us. *

addi_101 15.11.08 - 05:40pm
confuse.GIF who is yahshua?...the almighty god or is son jesus? *

talkmore 15.11.08 - 09:37pm
Hey am talkmore okay.GIF *

venecia7 15.11.08 - 09:50pm
YAHWEH is our Heavenly FATHER and Creator and YAHSHUA is HIS son that died on a tree 4 our sins. *

addi_101 16.11.08 - 01:04pm
It was a cross not a tree. *

addi_101 16.11.08 - 01:08pm
Oh i almost forgot my manner hey everybody nd hey talkmore. *

venecia7 19.11.08 - 02:24am
Hmmm.... A cross not a tree? My brother please read Acts 5:30 and explain it 2 me. PLEASE! *

addi_101 20.11.08 - 10:18pm
Lol ok imma go read it.brb.GIF *

wjd 22.08.09 - 06:01pm
Hi guys, I'm new in this group. my real name is Gerald and I love my God! *

shalome7 24.08.09 - 02:41am
welcome.GIF Gerald. Hope you will find the information here very useful. *

wjd 24.08.09 - 04:05pm
Thanx shalome, I believe I will! *

maninage 19.12.09 - 12:40pm
Where ever YAHSHUA is LORD and is Worship, Praise and Adore I want to be there giving Him Glory too. *

shalome7 22.12.09 - 08:25am
Thanks for joining maninage. Hope the information here will bring an awesome change in your life. *

danhage 16.03.10 - 07:19am
hi.....i m also a born-again child...praise the lord *

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