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Subject: ~*TREASURES*~
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shalome7 26.06.08 - 10:05am

Let the NAMES of YAHWEH Be Your Source of Strength!

venecia7 26.06.08 - 10:14am


~~Psalm 19:14~~

~*~YAHWEH is your REDEEMER.~*~

You cant mess up so badly that HE cant make it all work out. HE can fix anything! HE can take your past mistakes and make them treasures.

~*~Genesis 16:13~*~

~*~YAHWEH opens your eyes.~*~

HE sees all things; nothing escapes HIS mighty gaze. Through HIM you can see beyond your cir tances. HE wants you to see the bigger picture of your life!

~~Exodus 20:5~~

~*~YAHWEH is jealous for you.~*~

You are HIS bride. Let your thoughts go to HIM often. HE wants the best of your attention! You are HIS beloved.

venecia7 26.06.08 - 10:19am

YAHWEH YIREH ~*~Genesis 22:14~*~

~*~YAHWEH is your PROVIDER.~*~

You can trust that HE will supply all that you need. It's all HIS anyway! Remain open. Lift your needs to HIM and allow HIM to provide in HIS way.

~*~Genesis 49:24~*~

~*~YAHWEH is your MIGHTY ONE.~*~

You are not left to fight alone. You have HIS awesome power available to you. HE protects you with HIS mighty hand. HE's your all-time, number one hero!

~*~Psalms 3:3, 18:30~*~

~*~YAHWEH is your SHIELD.~*~

You are guarded on every side. HE is actively at work defending you! You don't have to become weary protecting yourself. You can hide in the safety HE brings.

venecia7 26.06.08 - 10:27am

~~Exodus 17:15~~

~*~YAHWEH is your BANNER.~*~

This is your new identity: You are HIS! You are no longer a victim. You're a victor! You don't have to be defeated by your cir tances; HE's in there fighting for you!

~~Genesis 21:33~~


HE never gets old or tired! HE is the same ELOHIM today as HE was thousands of years ago. Amazingly, HE knows your name! You can enjoy HIM now and forever.

~~Deuteronomy 32:18~~

~*~YAHWEH is your ROCK.~*~

In an unsure world, you can have a firm place to stand. When life swirls around you, making you feel insecure and confused, YAHWEH offers confidence and peace.

venecia7 26.06.08 - 10:34am

YAHWEH SHALOM ~*Judges 6:24*~

~*~YAHWEH is your PEACE.~*~

HE can bring rest to your soul. HE wants to tie up all the loose ends! Peace can be found, not in controlling, but in knowing who is in control of all things.

EL SHADDAI ~*Genesis 49:25*~

~*~YAHWEH is more than enough.~*~

HE is completely nourishing and satisfying. You can rest knowing HE will meet your spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. HE is your constant sustainer.

EYALUTH ~*~Psalm 22:19~*~

~*~YAHWEH is your STRONG TOWER.~*~

You can run to HIM and HE will protect you. Don't fight alone and unprotected. YAHWEH is your defender and longs to keep you safe.

venecia7 26.06.08 - 10:39am

YAHWEH-ROPHE ~~ Exodus 15:22-26 ~~

~*~YAHWEH is your HEALER.~*~

You can be whole - in mind, body and spirit! HE is the GREAT PHYSICIAN! HE created you and can bring order to your chaos.

YAHWEH-ROHI ~~Psalm 23~~

~*~YAHWEH is your SHEPHERD.~*~

You are cared for, tended to, and watched over. You are HIS! HE seeks you when you wander away and draws you back to HIM.

YAHWEH-TSIDKENU ~~Jeremiah 23:5~~


You don't have to work for HIS approval. If you trust HIM for your salvation. HE has declared you innocent and accepted! It's not about what you can do for HIM; it's about what HE has already done for you.

venecia7 28.06.08 - 12:56am


ANCHOR ~Hebrews 6:19~

~*~YAHWEH is your ANCHOR~*~

Choppy waters are inevitable. You are tethered to ONE who created all things. Don't focus on the waves; focus on HIS loving, strong hands that are protecting you in the storm.

~*~John 1:6-9~*~

~*~YAHWEH is your LIGHT~*~

You don't have to be afraid. HE extinguishes the dark with HIS light! Replace your fearful thoughts with the truth of who HE is. HE is the ONE who overcomes the darkness.

ADVOCATE ~1John 2:1~

~*~YAHWEH is your ADVOCATE.~*~

You don't have to defend yourself. Rest and know that HE's taking up for you! Turn your anxious and fearful thoughts to HIM. HE will reveal the truth in HIS time. Trust HIM.

BREAD OF LIFE ~John 6:32~

~*~YAHWEH is your BREAD of LIFE.~*~

You can be full and not crave what the world has to offer. HE wants to satisfy all your longings. HE has water for your thirsty soul. Let HIM sustain you with HIS eternal truth.

CORNERSTONE ~Ephesians 2:20-22~


You are becoming a dwelling place of the SPIRIT. HE is your unshakable foundation. Lay everything at HIS feet. HE is the bedrock for all your life! HE is faithful.

DAYSPRING ~Luke 1:78~

~*~YAHWEH is your DAYSPRING.~*~

You can be revived moment by moment. HE is refreshing, invigorating, and satisfying! Open your neediness up to HIM. Experience the mystery of LIVING WATER flowing through you.

venecia7 28.06.08 - 10:16pm

~John 10:7~

~*~YAHWEH is your DOOR.~*~

You open your life up to eternity when you trust HIM. He is the way to heaven! The door is open. Enter in. Be fully known and fully loved.

FORERUNNER ~Hebrews 6:20~

~*~YAHWEH is your FORERUNNER.~*~

You don't have to worry about what's ahead. HE goes out before you. Don't be anxious about the day. HE is in front of you and beside you. HE follows behind to protect you.

~John 15:5~

~*~YAHWEH is your VINE.~*~

You can produce much fruit when your source is the VINE. HE provides all you need to be successful! On your own you are limited, but HE can lavish you with riches from HIS vast storehouse.

~Luke 12:12~

~*~YAHWEH is your TEACHER.~*~

HE is the AUTHOR of all truth. Listen to HIS voice and not the voices of the world. HE will open your mind and give you clarity. HE will bless you with an unwavering spirit.

~John 15:1-2~

~*~YAHWEH is your GARDENER.~*~

You will be watered, fertilized, and pruned according to HIS perfect schedule. Your power is limited. YAHWEH's is unlimited! Trust HIM to use you and provide all that you need. HE'll have you blooming in no time!

~Luke 12:31~

~*~YAHWEH is your ELOHIM.~*~

You serve the CREATOR of the Universe. HE is worthy of your efforts and praises! HE sees all your hard work and is pleased that your heart wants to bless others. You are precious to HIM and HE delights in you.

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